The ideal urban e-bike
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2950€ or 4 times free of charge
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Le vélo électrique urbain idéal

2950€ or 4 times free of charge
Shipped already assembled

Single speed

Single speed



Max. speed: 43 mi (70 km)
max. distance: 103 mi (165 km)

0 to 15 mi/h (25 km/h)

0 to 15 mi/h (25 km/h)

in 4 sec

Available torque

Available torque

90 Nm



18.5 kg

5'3"–6'3" (1.6–1.9 m)

5'3"–6'3" (1.6–1.9 m)

Suitable for
women & men

5'3"–6'3" (1.6–1.9 m)

Adapté pour
femmes & hommes


Max. speed: 43 mi (70 km)
max. distance: 103 mi (165 km)

0 to 15 mi/h (25 km/h)

in 4 sec


18.5 kg

Single speed

Available torque

90 Nm

No frills


we have removed everything.

Because the less you have to deal with while driving, the more you can focus and stay as safe as possible.

IWEECH zero-waste bike


No frills

Knobs, gears, screens

Because the less you have to deal with while driving, the more you can focus and stay as safe as possible.

100% automatic IWEECH bike

100% Automatic


Your legs decide everything

IWEECH listens to your body, and every 100 milliseconds the Smart Control system customizes the power level to maximize your comfort.

With exceptionally fluid assistance for maximum ease.

Intelligent system

Smart control

Patented technology

The perfect balance


Riding in the city requires quick reaction times. Which is why IWEECH forgoes the rigidity of tough-to-manage “fixies” and the tall and unresponsive “Dutch roadsters.”

Inspired by and borrowing the best from BMX bikes: the bike is light and compact. It offers a unique design. compact with taut lines whose #1 goal is handling.

The IWEECH bike with perfect balance
Compact electric bike


24″ wheel
for agility


Low-profile handlebars
21 in (54 cm) wheelbase
for agility

Adapted bike


Low frame,
easy to mount
and fast
for safety

Lightweight IWEECH bike


34 lbs (15.5 kg) without battery
41 lbs (18.5 kg) total
for responsiveness

Powerful bike


Pedal motor torque 90 Nm
for pleasure

IWEECH application for your phone
Application vélo électrique haut de gamme IWEECH

100% Connected


You don’t need a screen or a smartphone to enjoy your bike, but the IWEECH mobile app will help you enhance your experience and benefit from all the smart IWEECH services.

Efficient, even when stationary


One-click rotating stem (exclusive to IWEECH) and folding pedals

Save up to 50% more space when storing at home or in the office. Easily park between other bikes and transport it by car or train.

Autonomy reinvented


Jauge intelligente IWEECH

IWEECH offers unique solutions for autonomy and energy reduction.

I. No more fear of your battery running out with the smart gauge

You can see precisely and directly on the map how far you can still go with the charge remaining.


II. Still enough battery to get there

In iRide mode, IWEECH knows your destination.
If you don’t have enough battery charge to get there, the system intelligently downgrades its assistance on the easy parts of your ride to save power for the steeper portions and guarantee assistance when you need it until you get where you’re going.


III. Go further than anyone else on the same amount of charge

By optimizing your power needs with Smart Control, IWEECH cuts down on overconsumption. It offers 15 to 20% more battery life on the same charge for the same distance, without sacrificing speed.

Electric IWEECH bike safety

Sleep soundly with a secure bike


A complete electronic anti-theft system
is included with your IWEECH


Via NFC tag or mobile application, with immediate blocking of vital functions: motor and battery


90 dB of power and connected to the IWEECH motion-detection system.


“Alert: Theft of your IWEECH in progress” if the bike has moved


Permanent geolocation and real-time GPS tracking of the bike on a map, you can find it and inform the authorities

No stress

We’ve thought of everything

Discover all your benefits

Warranty, right to errors, support

Discover our serenity maintenance pack

Get regular maintenance of your IWEECH by professionals.

Discover our insurance package

Access optimal protection for you and your IWEECH.

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Technical specifications


Painted: Matte black, pearl white, silver dream gray
Anodized: Storm gray

Urban, mid-span frame optimized for female and male cyclists 5’3″ to 6’3″ (1.6-1.9 m)

One size fits all, women and men, ideal user height: 5’3″ to 6’3″ (1.6-1.9 m)

41 lb (18.5 kg) fully equipped

43 mi (70 km) mini at full power, up to 118 mi (190 km) in iRide mode

Smart control, single speed

5 years for frame, fork and seat post; 2 years for all other parts, following standard sales conditions


iweech custom high density aluminum

iweech custom carbon

Brose T©, central position, torque 90NM, 250W, 25Km/h

Gates CDX © Carbon Belt

Aluminum, flat with reduced wheelbase (54cm), curved mode on request

Ergonomic Ergon grip racing GS1© or equivalent

Handlebar bracket
iweech custom rotary “in one click” (Exclusive system)

Lithium ion, removable BMZ © URV7//36V//497Wh//13.8 Ah full charge 3h30, 60% charge 1h 30

36V 5A

24 inch black aluminum

Schwalbe © “balloon” type with reflective stripes Big apple perf. Race guard 50-507 or equivalent

Tektro © HDT275 Front and Rear Hydraulic Discs or equivalent

Miranda © Aluminiums black


Supernova © AV and AR LED (235 Lumen) and custom iweech automatic ignition

Iweech, memory gel

Saddle mount
iweech custom aluminum with integrated taillight

Iweech black aluminum (included)


Smart Control

Intelligent system for active assistance and control of energy expenditure. IWEECH worldwide exclusive.

Smart button
The exclusive IWEECH smart button allows you to manage everything from a single point and with a click.

IWEECH has embedded several technologies to serve you: low-energy Bluetooth (BTLE), GSM 4G, NFC, Wi-Fi, GPS. System updates are done wirelessly and automatically via wifi. The user is automatically recognized.

Multidimensional, relying on automatic motion detection and combining an alarm system with a high-frequency siren and theft alert sent to the user’s cell phone, disabling the bike’s vital functions (motor and battery) and tracking of the stolen bike in real time via GPS.

IWEECH mobile application
iOS, ANDROID, smart gauge, user management, anti-theft tracking, smart control initialization

Frequently asked questions

Is the size really one size fits all?

Yes, when designing our bike, this was a prerequisite: to offer a single size with compatibility with a maximum number of cyclists. Our engineers found a low-step-through formula, which makes it easier to get on the bike, while being compatible with people between 1m60 and 1m90. It’s easier for everyone!

Taille unique


In addition, we offer to personalize your driving position with 3 versions of handlebars available (on our site and from our dealers).
3 guidons possibles

Why is the IWEECH 24’’ S the best urban electric bike?

IWEECH bikes are the perfect powerful electric bikes for men and women who travel in the city. It has been designed to deal with the two major problems of urban traffic: anticipating and reacting quickly. Our bike is 100% automatic and its handlebars are button-free, joystick-free and lever-free. You are then 100% focused on the road and can anticipate dangers. In addition, the high-end IWEECH electric bike is an agile bike with an optimal turning radius that allows very quick changes of direction. Compact and lightweight, it can slip anywhere. With its everyday accessories, you can carry your shopping and your belongings, and even comfortably drop your child off at school thanks to its high-performance German brand (Brose) 90Nm motor. Our bikes can be purchased in store or directly from our website: the price is the same.

Is the IWEECH 24’’ S a good city e-bike for long distances?

The IWEECH 24’’ S’s long-range battery is 500Wh and allows you to ride long distances: 70km at full power and up to 165km in iride mode. Better still, the IWEECH app allows you to directly view the possible range on a map with your remaining battery charge to see if you can still travel a long distance. And to be even more precise, you can switch to iride mode by entering your destination address directly into the app. Like this, if your battery is not charged enough, the IWEECH Smart Control system will then intelligently degrade the electric assistance by reducing the power on the flat, to keep all the power for starts and hills. This way you are sure to arrive at your destination with your e-bike without running out of battery.

How to choose an electric city bike?

The city is as dynamic as it is unpredictable. As entertaining as it is dangerous. The criteria for choosing a good bike and ensuring safer journeys: the male or female cyclist must be able to concentrate on their route and the bike must be responsive, especially on their commute. This is why IWEECH has designed a 100% automatic smartbike to stay focused and with a low center of gravity and a short turning radius to be agile and responsive. Then, the bike must integrate or be compatible with the accessories that correspond to the essentials of an electrically assisted city bike: mudguards, kickstand, front basket, comfortable saddle and rotating stem.