KNOG Oi Luxe bell


The bell produced by the manufacturer KNOG is a high-quality object with an extraordinary finish. Totally adapted to the IWEECH handlebars, it is very easy to attach to the handlebars, without the need to dismantle anything. It consists of a metal ring, a sewn-in vegetable leather wedge and a brass ringer.
The bell strike is firm and fast, providing a good balance of volume and length of sound. The bell has several tones of sound: a main tone and several higher tones to ensure that it is recognisable and audible in safety.
If you want to mount it on a bike other than the IWEECH, it is suitable for handlebars from 23.8 to 31.8mm in diameter, and it allows the passage of any cables for a perfect finish.
See leaflet.

About KNOG :
KNOG is a brand based in Melbourne, Australia, that makes bicycle accessories with a design obsession that resonates with IWEECH. It has been recognised by the industry with numerous awards. They draw their innovative strength from the values of freedom and diversity, to which the founders are very attached.

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