Peace-of-mind package


Warning : only available in France. Simplify your life with our peace of mind package.
We can arrange for you to have your bike serviced annually by our network of approved repairers in France.

How does it work?
Whenever you want, contact us on the chat of your application or by email at the support address and we will make an appointment for you with the nearest repairer among our 193 partners. Then bring your bike directly to our partner who will take care of it. Any parts that need to be changed are not included in the price of the pack. For your convenience, if you have forgotten your review, we will send you an alert one month before your pack expires to arrange an appointment.

Details of the service provided :

  • – Checking the braking system
  • – Monitoring for signs of rim wear and proper spoke tension to avoid subsequent stripping
  • – Checking the steering
  • – Checking the tightness of the stem, saddle, fork, wheels and handlebars
  • – Checking belt tension and wear
  • – Checking the tightness of the bolts and screws of the e-bike
  • – Checking the general functioning of the electrically assisted bicycle

Available in France only